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It’s not without any reason that Cyber HairSure is the pioneer of advancements in the hair transplant scenario. Apart from making existing procedures more effective, we at Cyber Hairsure constantly keep looking at coming up with techniques that are more patient-friendly.

Thanks to those endeavours, today we have a treatment that’s become Cyber HairSure’s signature – Simultaneous Harvesting and Transplantation or SHT.

SHT Hair Treatment in Hyderabad

Understanding Everything About SHT

The most trending hair transplantation procedure as on date is the FUE technique. Although it is the most effective, for many it seems like a little on the higher side of cost, and for some it might look like an extremely time consuming procedure. To bring these constraints to a balance, the specialists at Cyber HairSure have done an extensive research, and have come up with a solution.

The above concerns can now be sorted with an advanced addition to the traditional procedures that are carried out. This new addition is known as Simultaneous Harvesting and Transplantation (SHT).

Although FUE hair transplants have great results, sometimes the hair grafts can be at various risks. SHT hair transplantation procedure comes with the same technique, with more number of medical staff working on the surgery, which cut down the chances of these risks.

What is Simultaneous Harvesting and Transplantation?

Simultaneous Harvesting and Transplantation is an advanced hair restoration procedure that reduces the time that an FUE and FUT Hair Transplantations take.

Why SHT Is More Advanced

During the normal FUE procedure, along with your doctor, there are a few others assisting the surgeon. But, the main part of the procedure, which is extracting and implanting the hair grafts into the bald areas, is done by surgeons alone. Sometimes if there’s a slight delay in the procedure, and the hair graft gets exposed to air, it can cause the hair graft to become dry. Once the dried hair graft is implanted, it does not grow new hair because the growth cells die.

At Cyber HairSure, we have highly experienced Hair Transplant Surgeons who have achieved many recognitions over the years of their practice. They have conducted extensive research and have come up with a unique technique that involves FUE Hair Transplantation being done with multiple surgeons at a time. SHT is done with 5 to 6 doctors who devise the action plan of the procedure together which reduces the time of the surgery. They implant almost 3000 grafts in 5 hours, after which mostly the patient will not have to go in for another sitting.

Benefits of Simultaneous Harvesting and Transplantation

  • The extracted hair grafts are outside the body for a very short time.
  • Drastic reduction in the operating time.
  • SHT hair grafts do not shed off as a routine after a traditional Hair Transplant Surgery.
  • These hair grafts in fact grow directly and the results show within two weeks.

With a reduced time of the procedure and faster results, we assure you beautiful hair and care. So walk in for a Consultation now, or post your queries.

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