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PRP Treatment For Hair Regrowth

Are you struggling with hair loss?  Well, don’t. Hair loss is not much of a problem in today’s medical world. There are many cosmetic procedures now which can restore your hair. The difficulty is in deciding which procedure will work the best for you. While your cosmetic surgeon guide you regarding that, it will still be a good idea to know a little about the procedures yourself. So, here is one of the ways which can help you restore your hair – Platelet-rich Platelet Treatment (PRP).

What is Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment?

What is platelet?Platelet

Platelets are tiny components in the blood that primarily helps in blood clotting when you get injured so that excess blood loss can be prevented. But apart from that, platelets are also known to assist in tissue regrowth.

What is plasma?


Plasma is a colourless liquid in your blood which holds your red blood cells, protein, fat and some other components. Basically, it the liquid base that contains the essential elements of your blood. Now, how do platelet and plasma combine to make a hair restoration technique? Let’s find out.

What Is PRP Treatment?

Like mentioned earlier, platelets play a role in cell generation and tissue regrowth. So, if you can increase the amount of platelet in your plasma, it will help in regrowing the damaged cells and accelerate cell growth. And if you can apply this concept to your hair follicles, your hair follicles will grow better and thicker. Such a treatment is called Platelet-rich platelet treatment. This treatment has been used successfully to not only restore hair growth but also in other medical grounds like bone regeneration etc.

How Is Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment Performed?

PRP treatment is the most organic and natural hair restoration treatment you can opt for. In this treatment, an expert will take some blood from your body and process it to harvest the platelets from it. This way, the plasma contains a higher concentration of platelets. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected in your scalp.

PRP Hair Treatment

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and hence you will not feel any pain. The procedure takes about an hour to perform. However, PRP treatment is not a permanent solution. You will require more PRP sessions if you wish to continue having thick hair growth.

Who Can Opt For A Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment?

Both men and women, regardless of their age, can consider a PRP treatment if they are suffering from hair loss. There is no major bar in receiving this treatment.

PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment

However, the following factors will affect your eligibility for PRP Hair Restoration Treatment:

  • Smoking, alcoholism & drug abuse.
  • The extent of hair loss (you cannot be entirely bald).
  • Use of blood thinners.
  • Chronic diseases like cancer, blood disorders, skin diseases etc.

You can talk to your doctor who will be able to judge your candidature better.

Is There Any Risk To Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment?

The risks associated with PRP are very limited. You can only expect the regular risks associated with any surgery, like redness, swelling and infection (if not maintained properly). Since the injected element is from your own body, there is no risk of allergy or rejection. Although, you might experience some heavy-headedness for a couple of hours which will definitely not extend for more than a day. Very few people complain about post-treatment pain but if you feel any pain or discomfort, you can talk to your doctor who will prescribe you some pain medication. For eligible candidates, PRP treatment has proven highly successful in terms of both procedure and patient satisfaction. Visit our clinic if you want to know more about this treatment and how you can opt for it.

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